BWEL Foundation

I was at a loss and overwhelmed with the whole process of obtaining tax exemption before I retained Attorney Stanley.  There were just too many unknowns and the IRS was intimidating.  On top of that I had different people saying different things about it which made it even more confusing.  It was a relief to have an experienced attorney on my side who was current on the process and possessed a wealth of knowledge on completing the application the right way, the first time.  Attorney Stanley saved me tons of time and frustration trying to go about this on my own.  She is professional, pleasant, patient, and responds in a timely manner. These qualities were important to me since we communicated mostly through email because of distance.  I would recommend her for anyone looking for a nonprofit attorney who can walk you through each step and bring clarity to the 501c3 process.

Keena Johnson , Executive Director
BWEL Foundation

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