How can Jackie help your organization?

Jackie will prepare your non-profit organizations IRS tax exemption application, including the schedules, narrative statement, financial statements, bylaws and other supporting documentation. She will submit the application to the IRS and will work closely with the IRS agent assigned to process your application to answer any questions and promptly resolve any issues to ensure your application is approved as quickly as possible.

What is Jackie's Three-Point Promise?

1. She promises to charge a $500.00 flat fee (no hourly billing.)

2. She promises to complete your application within 48 hours.

3. She will quickly and happily refund her fee if the IRS denies your application.

Do I have to come to Greensboro to hire Jackie?

No, you don't have to come to Greensboro to work with Jackie. She represents non-profits across the state and country. Some of her clients meet in her office, she assists many others through telephone, email and video conferencing.


  1. Jackie,
    You have some some 501c3 work for me in the past. I have a client that has formed a not for profit org in Florida. Are you willling/able to do the 501c3 filing for a Florida Corp?
    Tom McMurray

  2. Greetings Jackie, I have a question regarding reestablishing 501c3 status assistance.

    Years ago my Pastor gave me a ministry registered in the State of Connecticut as “City Helps”. I changed the name to Compassion Ministries and filed the required paperwork with the state. I then found out it no longer had 501c3 status due to lack of filing with the IRS (the person who was managing City Helps status died and no one stepped in to continue).
    Many years have passed and I continue to pay the yearly $50.00 Ct state fee to maintain active status.

    Heres my question: Would it be better to file for a new 501c3 (and name it Compassion Ministries) or file for reestablishing 501c3 status?
    And, are you willing and able to do this for us?

    • I apologize for the delay in responding. I have had issues with the website. However, if you call my office at 336.854.8667 I would happy to assist you. Thanks

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